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from Bill Kimberlin

     Welcome to, a web site for and about the people and places in Anderson Valley.

     I have been coming to the Valley since I was a child. My aunt owned a summer resort on the Navarro River where my family spent vacations for many years and I bought a place here in 1990. I even went to high school here at one time.

  Bill at Ray's Resort, Philo - 1951

     Feel free to tell how you came to live or visit here. We are especially interested in the history and lore of the Valley, and Mendocino County. If you are a native or you just have local knowledge, your writing is of special interest.

     The site has discussion boards where we hope people will exchange ideas about living in Mendocino County, or just talk about what interests them, sharing information about books, music, movies, farming, livestock, skilled trades, computer tools -- anything that can help neighbors and friends.

     Sounding off is fine, but please try to be articulate and support your arguments with facts. Free speech will be respected, but vulgar or abusive posts had better be either extremely well written or very funny to pass the editors tolerance test.

     Since there are many artists, writers, and all-around interesting people who live here, we would like to also welcome any submissions you might want to make for publication on the site. Photos, drawings, stories, paintings -- whatever you have, can be submitted. (Since this is a free community site, we unfortunately can't offer compensation.)

     We also invite letters to the editor, news items, classifieds and event postings.

     So there you have it. I hope people will help us build this site into a real community asset.

              -- Bill Kimberlin


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