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Thanks, Bill Owens
by Bill Kimberlin

February 7, 2002

Downtown Boonbille

          As long as I live I will never get over not being able to cross the street in downtown Boonville, because of the heavy traffic.
          When we were kids you could literally lie down on highway 128 while waiting for a car to arrive. This absence of traffic was mostly in the winter of course, but just the same, it is still hard to get used to today.
          I remember standing out in front of Wiese's café late on a Saturday night trying to hitch hike home to Philo. It was so cold that our spit would freeze when it hit the pavement. I'm not sure why we were spitting, but there must have been a good reason.
          Our last hope was when the bar closed at 2 a.m. Surely, we reasoned, someone would stop for us on their way home. It would have been a long walk otherwise. Six miles, at least, by the time you added the extra mile from Philo to the Resort, where my cousin and I lived.
          It was Bill Owens that stopped for us. His driving might have been questioned by those with warmer options than us but I mentally send my thanks to him every time I see him playing his guitar in Boonville, today.
          Thanks Bill.


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