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An Attractive Nuisance
by Bill Kimberlin

March, 2001

The swinging bridge

        We called it “the swinging bridge”; and it remains in my mind, along with the tank tower and the apple dryer, one of the icons of the Valley
        This most improbable of transports in the modern age is still there.
        There is an auto bridge at this point on the river, but once it is skidded out for winter, the footbridge is the only access across the Navarro.
        This relic has become what an insurance company would call "an attractive nuisance". I'm sure somebody is desperately trying to get rid of it for that reason. But it's not gone yet.

The swinging bridge above Navarro River
        For years you could just walk out on the swaying bridge's rotted planking, testing your nerves. Especially testing them, when your brother started rocking the whole thing, once you had crept to the center.
        The entrance is locked now, but the footbridge still has some magic to it. We don't have our tree houses to retreat to anymore and we can't build forts out of hay bales in the barn, but we can still look out at that rickety old bridge hanging precariously over the muddy Navarro, and see where we had lots of scary fun.


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