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by Bill Kimberlin

February, 2001

Fair Photo -- Wooden Rowboat

          Boy I lost out in the fair photo competition this year. I got zip, zilch, nothin', nadda.
          It's kinda funny too, because I only decided to enter at the very last minute and I had to drive all the way up from the Bay Area and leave my photos at the market because I couldn't make the 5 p.m. office close. Then I drove all the way back the next day.
          But it was fun any way. I got an honorable mention last year although they had run out of ribbons. They promised to mail me one but they never did. Hell, I only did it for the ribbon in the first place.
          This must be a lesson in vanity. My photos are getting worse.
           We used to wait all year for fair time. That was all one word to us Fairtime. All the kids saved so they would have money at Fairtime. Boy, without money at Fairtime you were in sorry shape.
           Of course, we never actually went to the fair much. We just drove up and down the valley drinking beer. But it was the principal of the thing. You had to be prepared for Fairtime.


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