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DVD: The Home Video Technology and Marketing Revolution
by Grover Sales

April, 2001

       DVD, the playing of home video on a CD (compact disc) is clearly the wave of the future, whose technological and marketing advantages over videocassettes are many and obvious. DVD's vast superiority of both sight and sound become dramatically evident on first viewing, and easily adapt themselves to varying TV formats -- letterbox or wide screen. In addition, many DVD discs include director's cut, outtakes, previously censored footage, and interviews with the filmmaker and cast.

Fiber Optic Cable by Hwy 128
       For those with a hi-fi "brown thumb," many reputable retail outlets for DVD players, will install the equipment in your home free of charge. Not the least of the enticements to invest in this new medium is the ease of purchase -- and return -- via a website, For $20 a month you can rent any number of films, (limited to 4 movies at one time,) with no late fees, and return the film whenever you want in a postage-paid envelope that comes with the disc and fits in any mail slot. The first month, including 8 rentals and shipping, is free. The netflix website displays an exhaustive list of over 300,000 available films and useful categories: drama, comedy, action, and critics choices. It's safe to predict that everything will soon be available on DVD. Once you've clicked on the discs of your choice, they arrive within 2 to 3 days.
       If this column sounds like an unabashed commercial plug, so be it. A week of DVD viewing and surfing convinced me that video cassettes, and their outlets replete with late fees and return hassles, are destined to go the way of carbon paper and mimeograph machines.


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